Is a proposal of first activity to be developed between associations of Science and Technology Parks with the coordination and support of IASP.

Through this initiative, contact is facilitated with those responsible for business support of parks located all over the world with the aim of being able to provide as much as possible, a possible visit, stay or contact with them, so you can know how are the innovation systems and the companies or entities of these parks, with which to start a collaboration.
We want the first contact with a foreign country to be as easy as possible for you.
Currently, 37 parks from 9 different countries are participating in the initiative (Spain, Italy, Belgium, China, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Canada and Russia).
If you are interested in climbing your business in any of these countries, you only have to request it in this platform, which we invite you to visit and meet its participants: or by sending an email to [email protected]

This project does not have funding support of any organisation, only it is base on the cooperation of their participants.

If you are interested on joint to this initiative please contact with us: [email protected]