Gijon Science and Technology Park



Park information:

City: Gijón

Address: C/ Los Prados Nº 166, 33203


Phone number: 984 84 71 14

General e-mail: [email protected]

Contact person:

Name: Piroska Matos Háda

Position: Technological Programs Manager

Phone number: 984 84 71 14

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype ID: innovaciongijon

Soft landing Facilities and Services: 

  • Offices (m2): Coworking space, open space shared with other companies and start-up and common meeting rooms with option to use it like office
  • Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms of different sizes, from 75 people to 10 and 8, like Conference Hall (92 m2), Meeting room (50 m2), Audiovisual room (100 m2) and Internal Training rooms (20-26 m2)
  • Specific R&D infrastructures
    • Centre1: PRODINTEC Foundation, technology centre specialized in industrial design and production and CTIC Foundation, technology centre specialized in Sciences of Information and Communication.
    • Institute2
  • Services: technology transfer, innovation, financing, business advice, training, contacts, growth services…
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General Information


PROMOTING ENTITIES: Ayuntamiento de Gijón (Gijón City Council), through managing entity, Centro Municipal de Empresas de Gijón, S. A. (Gijón Municipal Entrepreneur Centre)

DATE OF CONSTITUTION: Inaugurated on October 30th, 2000.


Located in an ecosystem of Innovation, called “Gijón Knowledge Mile”, in which found, among others, a Hospital, a University Campus, an Art Centre, an Atlantic Botanic Garden and the Culture City.



– Total area: 235.000 m2.

– Area allowed for building: 90.000 m2

– Recreational area: 100.000 m2.

– Service roads: 45.000 m2.

– Plot size: 1.050 m2.


Common services:

– Free schedule (24 hours – 365 days).

– Facilities for sports: free rent of bicycles, bike lanes, showers…

– Street (public) lighting, cleaning and maintenance of common areas.

– Individually Controlled heating.

– Urban solid waste, battery and toner cartridge selective collection.

– Cafeteria- restaurant.

– Daytime vigilance and night patrols.

– Alarm and security systems, connected to C. R. A.

– Recharge of electric car.

– Public transport with high frequency (Lines 1, 2, 10, 15 y 18) y data real-time monitoring.

– Conservation entity formed by parcel owners is respon­sible for the cost of gardening and security.

Advanced services:

– Advice for start-up and consolidation technology-based enterprises.

– Municipal Finance R&D and Innovation activities.

– Support for enterprises start-up.

– Support cooperation enterprise platforms development.

– Support local enterprises internationalization process.

– Finance entrepreneurship by access equity loans of Municipal Seed Capital Fund.

– Finance Innovative growing companies by venture capital access of Municipal Capital Risk.

– Knowledge and business innovation community creation, counting with an Open Innovation Platform.

– Technology Centers: CTIC Foundation and PRODINTEC Foundation.

– University Research: IUTA.

Main sectors:

– Engineering and Industrial Design.

– Advanced Services to Business.

– Information and Communication Technologies.

– Energy and Environment.

– Health Science.

– Telecommunication and Electronics.

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